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We are not just general advisory firm which launches many products and let customers choose and just shoot them messages and emails to buy and sell. We believe every client is unique and according to his/her needs and risk appetite we help them design and build a portfolio for a long term. We are specialized in Retail as well as and HNI portfolio Advisory service.  We prepare customized research for such each individual client and advise them on their portfolios.

Portfolio “Proven Strategies and Principles of Value Investments of Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala  for Multibagger Portfolio.”
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Minimum capital requirement for portfolio advisory is 5 Lac Rs and more is better. We usually do not advise clients for short vision of 1 year around in portfolio advisory but consider building it for 3-4 years time frame and accordingly do the allocations. Depending on each clients risk appetite and goals for 5-6 years we decide the portfolio allocations in mixture of Bluechip, large caps and small caps stocks with sector diversification.
  • We suggest buying into quality businesses; the stocks available at favorable valuation compared to rest at any moment are preferable for us.
  • We typically decide the ratio of allocation between blue chip/large cap category, small and mid cap depending on the risk profile of individual client.
  • We advise to do timely partial profit booking by active monitoring of client’s portfolio and also keep a watch on those stocks to again enter at lower levels. By doing this we try to improve the overall returns for the clients.
  • Sector allocation is also important for large ticket portfolio and we try to keep such 3-4 sectors which are doing well at the moment or could perform better for next few years.
  • Active review of all holding stocks and their news/events, quarterly results track and assessment and depends on that we churn out portfolios, increase holding in performing and gradually try to cut holdings in non performers and thus improve overall performance for a longer term
  • We are also opportunists and actively try to look for such events or sentiments whose impact is unnecessarily on some stocks and do the value picking in such cases after assessing the overall impact of the event/news
  • If you want to think beyond just common returns of Mutual funds, we are here to help you out to achieve your goal. We do not typically advertize for 20-25% or more type of returns else we work with clients for few years and make 2-3x kind of returns for their portfolios

Past recommendations given by the Research Analyst in last 3-4 years and returns:

Stock Name Returns
Deepak Nitrite 250%+
Tata Motors 150%+
Jubilant Food 125%+
Bajaj Finance 200%+
Coromandel International 250%+
Astec Lifesciences 150%+
Service Charge:
We charge 2/2.5% annually (0.5-0.7%/Quarter) of portfolio value for the client.