Equity Research/fundamental analysis and financial modelling course :
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis/Equity Research:
1) Approaches of  Fundamental Analysis, Top down and Bottom up approach and how it works?
2) Financial statements analysis and their use in Equity Research fundamental analysis. How to read these statements and draw conclusion out of it?
3) How to analyse economic trends and industry trends at a particular time?
4) Financial model structure and forecasting of financial statements. How to derive revenue and costs for a company and project it for next 1-2 years?
5) Valuation methods: DCF and Relative valuations. How to arrive at Free cash flow its uses and derive Intrinsic value of a particular stock.
6) CAPM model of equity research, WACC and its overall use
7) Ratio analysis and its uses for Equity research
8) Peer comparison i.e. Relative valuations, Use of PE ratio, PB ratio, EV/EBITDA and other techniques.
9) Actual Equity selection: based on various qualitative and quantitative factors such as ratios, valuations, peer comparison how to use them combined at a glance.
1-2 sample financial model will be prepared from each student with individual attention in this course
– Course can be ideally conducted in 7-8 sessions of 2-3 hours each, students will also have to do some homework such as data collections and basic calculations.
– Course fees: 8,500 INR
Benefits out of this course:
1) To make students aware about Job opportunities in Equity research/investment banking area. Can be useful to take certifications of NISM Research Analyst  module or NCFM Equity research module.
2) Understand the investment philosophies and value based investment principles
3)  Help them to become successful analyst and investor
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